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In this course you will learn about the agile mindset, methodologies, principles and practices. It is designed by knowledgeable professionals and gives you the fundamentals of Agile as well as ways to apply it in practice. Your journey will cover everything from the basics of Agile to detailed application of the methods. Emphasis is placed on how Agile can be used in practical ways with different teams in a variety of industry settings. Concepts and content will be highlighted to you through videos, interviews, interactive games, and stories. Moderators in the forums will facilitate peer-to-peer discussions to enhance their shared learning. You can test your own understanding with multiple choice questions at the end of each week. Plus, if you go the verified track, you’ll get a supporting certificate and access to genuine resources.

what you will learn

  • The history and fundamentals of Agile
  • How to adopt an agile mindset
  • How to be an agile leader
  • How to manage projects using different Agile methodologies
  • How to structure and lead teams using Agile Best practices on when and how to use Agile in real-world settings
  • How to introduce and grow agile methods in your organization