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In a world as globalized as the current one, brands have ceased to have power, which has fallen into the hands of consumers. Transmitting values ​​and an impeccable brand image is essential to capture the attention of potential customers and build loyalty.

The Brand Manager is the one in charge of achieving this objective. This is a profile within the marketing department and his specialty is to implement a strategy that differentiates the brand from the competition and makes it the most attractive option for users.

It is responsible for the brand image and is responsible for carrying out the appropriate actions to position it in the market, transmitting and communicating the mission, vision and values ​​so that it penetrates the audience. The strategies of a Brand Manager are focused on creating reputation and positive awareness.

On the other hand, they must be able to respond to any unforeseen crisis and to identify the present and future needs of consumers in order to readjust the techniques carried out by the company. A negative comment on the blog or on social media can be very damaging to any organization. Therefore, the Brand Manager must be able to maintain a good reputation.

Learning Objectives:

The brand manager is the professional responsible for caring for the image of a brand, adapting communication strategies and actions according to the target audience. In this way, it seeks to consolidate and maintain the integrity of the brand in the market.

Target Audience:

It is aimed at managers and graduates in the branches of Marketing, Business Administration and Management or any degree that wants to complement their knowledge of brand management and its importance. It is also aimed at professionals and students in these sectors.


This course is aimed at all people who want to dedicate themselves professionally to Community Management. Entrepreneurs responsible for SMEs and freelancers who want to enter Social Media, with solid training that allows them to optimize their actions. That is, those who are dedicated to or study the areas of marketing, ecommerce, management and administration