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This one-day class builds upon your existing knowledge of CMMI V2.0 to provide you with a basic understanding of the CMMI Development (CMMI-DEV) view of the model.

Learning Objectives:

By the end of the course, you should be able to:​

  • Interpret CMMI-DEV V2.0, to serve effectively on an appraisal or process improvement team
  • Know what it takes to be CMMI-DEV Maturity Level 2, 3, and beyond.
  • Discuss each of the practice areas unique to CMMI Development V2.0:

Target Audience:

This class should be attended by anyone who has had Foundations of Capability and may be:

  • Heavily involved in CMMI-DEV V2.0-based improvement
  • A candidate CMMI-DEV V2.0 appraisal team member
  • Interested in becoming a Certified CMMI Associate or Certified CMMI Professional, and would like to know more about CMMI-DEV for the exam.


Have attended the Building Capabilities course. The Foundations of Capability class is a strict prerequisite. (It’s where you get that “existing knowledge” mentioned above.)

(CMMI V1.3 fans: The V2.0 rough equivalent of the three-day Introduction to CMMI V1.3 is the two-day Foundations of Capability followed by the appropriate one-day Building Excellence course [Development or Services].)