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Our professional Design Thinking certification provides a detailed understanding of
Key concepts and definitions to improve your interaction with the user experience. CertiProf®
covers five key phases to be a Design Thinker: empathize, define, devise, prototype and evaluate, the
which help organizations to create useful proposals that are adapted to real needs
of people; allowing to expand the portfolio of services, consolidate the brand and thus improve the
Expand your skill set and grow your career. Here are the benefits of our
● This certification will help you choose the right problem and frame it in creative solutions.
● Learn to bring together ideas from multiple disciplines in a judgment-free environment, which will provide
a wider range of ideas.
● Become an empathetic, human-centered, collaborative, Design Thinker
experimental and optimistic, qualities that will help you use assertive resources so that the idea
selected is successful.

Learning objectives:

● What is innovation?
● Digital Age.
● Connections with Design Thinking.
● What is Design Thinking?
● Characteristics of Design Thinking.
● Phases of Design Thinking.

Audience Profile:

Anyone interested in expanding
your knowledge in Design Thinking and wish
implement new tools to plan
and organize the components of a service, to
improve your interaction with the experience of

Previous requirements:

There are no prerequisites for this certification.