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DevOps Foundation Certification

Begin accelerating your career with DevOps today

The Certified DevOps Foundation Certification gives a basic level of understanding of DevOps philosophy. It familiarizes you with the main terms and concepts, and ensures you become well-versed with the language DevOps-enabled teams typically speak. The certification also highlights the benefits of DevOps and how it affects an organization’s success.

As DevOps adoption continues to grow and drive digital business success, organizations and their teams need to ensure they have the needed skills and knowledge to deliver high-quality software solutions quickly, exceed customer expectations and outpace competitors. To maintain the highest quality learning for our community. Members can maintain their certification by participating in the Continuing Education Program and earning Continuing Education Units through participation in learning opportunities.

Regardless of the present role in the company, every individual in this digitalization age must consider doing Certified DevOps Foundation certification to give the right direction to their DevOps venture


The target audience for the DevOps Foundation certification includes :

  • IT professionals seeking an understanding  of DevOps philosophy
  • People involved in IT development, operations or service management
  • Individuals working in an Agile Service Design Environment

Some of the IT roles that can be benefited are:

  • Software Developers
  • Business Analysts and Consultants
  • Managers, Leaders, Directors
  • Business Stakeholders
  • Automation Architects
  • IT Operations
  • Release Engineers
  • Software Testers/QA


  • Learn DevOps concepts and terminology
  • Learn  Core DevOps Principles
  • Apply Key DevOps Practices
  • Learn Business and Technology Frameworks
  • Apply Culture, Behaviors and Operating Models
  • Apply Automation and Architecting DevOps Toolchains
  • Measurement, Metrics, and Reporting
  • Sharing, Shadowing and Evolving


  • DevOps terminologies
  • DevOps principles and practices including Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, testing, security and the Three Ways
  • DevOps as an extension to Agile
  • Impact of DevOps on IT industry
  • Benefits of adopting DevOps
  • Lean philosophy and IT service management
  • Streamlined workflows, effective communication and feedback loops
  • Automation practices including deployment pipelines and DevOps toolchains
  • How to implement DevOps at an organizational level?
  • Integral success elements and KPIs
  • Real-life case studies and results