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ISO/IEC 38500 lays down a model for IT governing bodies to promote an effective, efficient and acceptable use of IT across organizations. It helps organizations to evaluate, direct and monitor the use of Information Technology (IT). It consists of management practices and decisions associated with the use of IT, both current and future.

Importance of IT Governance
ISO/IEC 38500 helps governing bodies to ensure that IT usage positively contributes to the organization’s performance. Organizations are, therefore, able to monitor IT usage, ensure business continuity and sustainability, aligning it with business needs. They also are able to ensure proper functioning and management of their IT assets.

This standard will help you acquire the necessary skills required to set up, implement and improve a governance framework compliant with its principles and definitions. It will also help you manage risks and explore opportunities arising out of IT usage. This standard allows you to align the business strategy with technology strategy and ensure best practices of IT Governance.