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Kanban is a technique in which work instructions are given through cards, which are made
depending on the client’s requirements in order to control the progress of the work and achieve
a quality product or service.
Kanban particularly helps to coordinate the production of products and services, adapt to the
different variations in the production of products and services to identify susceptible areas
Become a Kanban Essentials Pro! This certification will take you through history
of Kanban, the 5 main properties, lean principles, Scrum, waterfall vs agile and more.

Learning objectives:

● Lean Manufacturing.
● Lean principles.
● Agile principles.
● JIT.
● Kaizen.
● Lean thinking.
● Scrum.
● Waterfall vs agile.
● Kanban (development).
● Bad reasons to choose Kanban.
● History of Kanban.
● Kanban.
● Core Kanban properties.
● Theory of Constraints.
● Value Stream Mapping.

Target audiences:

This certification is appropriate for any
person who is interested in becoming
professional Kanban.

Previous requirements:

There are no prerequisites for this certification.

Certification Content