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The Online Course in B2B Marketing is designed for professionals in the digital world. With this online program you will learn to Enunciate the strategic vision of the B2B Customer within the context of the business market and to know how to describe marketing mix plans in B2B, with its definition of objectives and focus on Customer Centric Marketing.

Learning Objectives:

The objective of the program is to learn to develop everything related to the Product and the Value Proposal in B2B Marketing, to analyze what segmentation is and what it is used for in B2B Marketing and to learn to operate communication actions in media, platforms and new formats, interpreting the results based on Nurturing solutions.

Target Audience:

Aimed at professionals in communication, marketing, psychology and in general those people who belong to the business world and see it necessary and want to learn the new marketing and communication tools in the digital environment through the study of Behavioral Psychology of the consumer and its relationship with the current market.