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Market Research or Marketing Research is something that we define as the origin of all commercial movement. Every time a client requests a campaign, they want to provide themselves with an identity in their Brand, to know who their ‘Target Audience’ is, and so on, they must know what their situation has been in these aspects up to the present moment and, as we have well underlined in the title, “know where I come from to know where I am going”, within a campaign.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand why social research allows us to understand the point of view of consumers/clients, understood as subjects who live in society and therefore influenced by it.
  • Experience that social research is a valid tool to build a more effective marketing and communication policy.
  • Establish the basic foundations of the most used research techniques.
  • Learn to be users of social research in the professional context of marketing and communication.

Target Audience:

Aimed at directors, executives and entrepreneurs of SMEs or large companies, who require directing and leading companies in competitive and dynamic environments with the utmost professional rigor.