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This certification enables OKRCP ™ holders to facilitate all levels of the life cycle of
OKR in your organization (or clients), from developing good objectives and key results to
the deployment of strategic, tactical and operational objectives, monitoring and closure with good governance
and discipline. Using this acquired knowledge, they will make the OKR culture accessible to all
the organization’s employees (or customers).
It is an approach that is simple to understand and difficult to apply, to create alignment and commitment in
around measurable objectives. The goal is to ensure that everyone is moving in the same direction, with
clear priorities, at a steady pace. OKRs have been a condition for investments in
Startups, since they provide proportional predictability of strategic positioning and

Learning objectives:

• Understand the differences between OKR, KPI and
other lens systems
• Understand the integration of OKRs
corporate and individual OKRs
• Master the entire OKR life cycle in the
• Analyze case studies of startups and large
• Develop strategic planning through
by OKR
• Develop product planning and
projects through OKR

Target audiences:

Managers interested in measuring performance
of your organization and teams. Professionals of
human resources to learn new techniques
to evaluate performance. Professionals of
different areas, finances, customer success,
production, logistics, IT. Project managers,
product owners, who want to maximize
the value of your deliveries. Managers already using a
goal and performance management system,
but they need to improve it.

Previous requirements:

Have participated in training with
registered CertiProf® partners or a
Training BootCamp (Face-to-face or Online)
in the last two years with Polo Academy or be
a candidate who has the knowledge
that guarantee compliance with the
objectives assessed in the certification exam.


Certification Content