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Innovation Management Certified Professional (IMCP), provides a detailed understanding of
the main concepts and definitions to learn more about this methodology that helps
to promote business innovation in a successful way, understanding this discipline that has
as an objective to promote a process or culture of initiatives that focus on disruptive changes
or steps that transform the business in a significant way.
Expand your skill set and grow your career. Here are some benefits of our
● This certification will help you differentiate yourself from the competition.
● Learn to generate higher impact ideas to grow your business.
● Become an innovation manager, develop multiple intelligences that allow you to perceive,
experiment, question, collaborate and associate differently to develop processes
innovators that achieve economic results and social acceptance.

Learning objectives:

● Introduction to the world of innovation.
● Conceptual foundations of innovation.
● Types of innovation.
● Topics vs. Problems vs. Projects.
● Design Thinking and Visual Thinking.
● Bases of Design Thinking.
● Innovation methodologies.
● Management vs. Leadership.
● Personalized experience.
● Lean Startup.
● Lean software development.
● Agile and Scrum.
● Generation of business models.

Target audiences:

Anyone interested in expanding their
knowledge in Innovation Management and
want to implement new tools to
develop any type of project, product
or service that meet the real needs of
people through innovation

Previous requirements:

There are no prerequisites for this certification.