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The Scrum Advanced Professional Certificate (SAPC) is intended for those who are interested in
demonstrate knowledge of Scrum practices in full.
The certificate is awarded to candidates who have achieved a range of Scrum certifications and
have achieved a well-rounded knowledge and skill base in Scrum practices.

Previous requirements:

To be eligible for the Advanced Professional
Certificate (SAPC) must meet the following
Entry requirements:

  1. You must have completed the following
    Scrum framework certifications:
    ● Scrum Master Professional Certificate or
    ● Scrum Product Owner Professional Certificate
    or the equivalent.
  2. Must have worked professionally under
    the Scrum framework for at least two years.
    We request your resume to certify this
  3. An essay where he explains that he has
    experience in the use of practices
    of the Scrum framework. Must explain and justify
    how you used the theoretical knowledge of
    Scrum to achieve the objectives of a project
    the real world and the benefits it brought to
    your business.

Target audiences:

This certification is appropriate for any
person who is interested in becoming
Scrum Advanced Professional.

Certification Content