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This certification gives a view to the evolution, the future of the industry and Blockchain technology and
how 4.0 BiBi technology especially, Blockchain will influence the future of the evolution of the
industry. Later, we will further analyze the products and services that are influenced by
Blockchain Technology.
The bases will be given with the purpose of the first approach of an integral solution for a
company that can support the efficiency, control, trust, traceability and processes that will
generate disruptive and positive changes for any sector.

Learning objectives:

• Identify what is the 4th industrial revolution
• Recognize what Blockchain technology is and
their types
• Relate to the consensus of the
Blockchain technology and new models of
enterprise Solutions
• Explore the technology ecosystem
• Analyze the Smart Contracts, their
operation and application
• Distinguish the relationship of technology
Blockchain with other 4.0 technologies
• Detail the different cases of use applied
with Blockchain technology

Target audiences:

• Anyone who is interested in
expand your knowledge in Blockchain
and want to expand your skills in this
technology to know its characteristics,
types and possible implementations in the
private and public sectors

Previous requirements:

There are no formal prerequisites for this