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The project management office (PMO) is a support team within a business that defines change standards and supports change leaders (project and programme managers) in delivering that change. It’s a central hub for standards, risks and issues which ensure more successful delivery. These stats show the vital role a PMO plays: 80% of the best project organisations – those who deliver successful projects consistently – have a PMO (according to PMI).
In 2016, PMOs delivered a 33% budgetary improvement on projects, 27% improved customer satisfaction, and 25% reduction in failed projects (PMSolutions).
50% of organisations surveyed by PMSolutions said they saw PMO as an overhead rather than a contributor to success – the data proves this is not the case.

Learning Objectives:

  • You have multiple projects or programmes running at once.
  • You find that senior management do not have the time to ensure that the work is being carried out correctly.
  • Your projects and programmes do not work consistently and you need to be confident that they are being managed effectively.
  • Your change teams need to communicate with and learn from each other.