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DevOps Culture Practitioner Certificate
DCPC™, for those who wish to truly grasp the essence and benefits of DevOps culture as well as help
their organizations to avoid typical DevOps adoption anti-patterns.
This certification is based on immersive learning experience received by candidates via DevOps
Culture Simulation (with Lego and Chocolate) workshops. This certification enables DCPC™ holders
to articulate benefits of DevOps Culture as well as discuss T-shaped skills development, cross-training
and eliminating silos.
DCPC holders have experienced first-hand a practice of optimizing flow of value from business to
development to IT operations, amplifying feedback loop and growing safety culture. Real-life examples
from medium to large size organizations, latest findings from the State of DevOps report and key ideas
from “The Phoenix Project” by Gene Kim provide them with additional insights for taking the first steps
to embracing DevOps mindset and leading organizational change.

Learning Objectives:
• Compare and contrast the goals of
development, operations and business. Explain
how DevOps Culture can help to address goals
misalignment dysfunction
• Discuss the power of cross-training, T-shaped
skills and collaboration between Dev, Ops,
Security and Business
• Explain principles and practices including
Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery,
“Shifting Security Left” and the Three Ways of
• Describe the significance of safety culture in
• Develop capability to spot DevOps adoption

Audience Profile:

Anyone who is interested in expanding their
knowledge and developing an appreciation
for DevOps Culture, thus acquiring the ability
to influence DevOps mindset shift in their


Must have participated in DevOps Culture
Simulation (with Lego and Chocolate) in the past
2 years.