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Lead Cybersecurity Professional Certificate (LCSPC), where you will learn the fundamental concepts of Cybersecurity and implementation of practices to protect systems, networks and programs from digital attacks. These
cyberattacks generally target the access, change or destruction of confidential information;
extortion of users; or disrupting regular business processes.
Implementing effective Cybersecurity measures is particularly challenging because there are
more devices than people and attackers are getting more innovative. This certification will
will help you understand the basic functions of a Cybersecurity framework and the importance of establishing
Cybersecurity to protect information based on three pillars of data security.

Learning objectives:

● Fundamental concepts of Cybersecurity.
● ISO / IEC 27032.
● Introduction to the Cybersecurity framework.
● Risk management and the
● Implementation of the Cybersecurity framework.
● Establish or improve Cybersecurity
● Methodology to protect privacy and
civil liberties.
● Self-assessment of Cybersecurity risks
with the frame.

Target audiences:

Anyone interested in expanding
your knowledge to learn more about the
importance of Cybersecurity and learning
how to avoid all kinds of threats that put
at risk the information that is being
processed, transported or stored in
any device.

Previous requirements:

There is no formal requirement for this