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Agile Business Owner Foundations Certificate ABOFC ™ certification for
those who wish to be guided in the development of competencies to perform satisfactorily
this new strategic role in the implementation of Business Agility. Agile Business Owner, is
a business leader responsible for harnessing the results and evolving a given context
business, through the development of new organizational capabilities based on Lean approaches,
Agile and Exponentials.
This certification validates that the professional demonstrates an understanding of the knowledge and
essential skills of the Agile Business Owner role, being able to act under the guidance of a professional
higher. It is the first step on the path of professional development, which goes to the levels of Beginner,
Professional and Specialist. It can be achieved through self-study or through the guidance of
experienced instructors.
The set of knowledge addressed by this certification covers the following topics: the model
Agile Business Owner Reference, Digital Economy and VUCA Leadership, Leanagile Thinking for Business Management, Business Agility and Exponential Organizations.

Learning objectives:

• Competences and responsibilities of the role of
Agile Business Owner
• The concept of VUCA World and its relationship with
the challenges of the digital economy
• Understand how the principles and practices of
Lean Thinking can be applied in management
• Understand the evolution of Agile Thinking,
from his Manifesto
• Understand the domains of agility
proposed by the Institute of
Business Agility
• Understand how you can use the
exponential organizations model
to take advantage of business results and
accelerate innovation

Target audiences:

Anyone interested in running a business or carrying out change initiatives with
an appropriate mental model for economics

Pre requirements:

There are no prerequisites.