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User stories are a powerful means of fostering cooperation and teaching many things. These allow you to create a link between users or consumers and developers of products or services. And this relationship is the first big step towards the creation and pinnacle of products.
admirable, that positively influence the people who use or consume them and even change to improve your lifestyle.
This fully dynamic course / workshop provides the fundamentals on the main characteristics of user stories as communication tools between members of team and others interested in the development projects of products or services, be they technology or any other area of ​​the business.

Learning objectives:

• Understand the benefits of using stories from user in uncertain and ambiguous environments
• Develop the necessary skills to use user stories as tools conversation between stakeholders
• Apply various ways of writing stories of Username
• Recognize if a user story meet with the attributes of every good story of Username
• Employ different techniques for dividing user stories so that these can be elaborate in very short periods of time, from a few hours to a very few days
• Use user stories to understand the value proposition of the product and its characteristics from the beginning of the project
• Guide other people on their teams in the use appropriateness of user stories in contexts complex and adaptive
• Get certified in User Stories Foundations Certificate (supporting the knowledge and the fundamental application of the Stories of User)

Target audiences:

This course is appropriate for anyone interested in using techniques related to
user stories, who are or will participate in agile projects with frameworks such as Scrum; also, for those interested in the projects that are in the value chain of providing characteristics or requirements to the equipment
product or service development.

Previous requirements:

Have received training in at least one of these topics: Scrum Master, Product Owner, Team Member.