Machine Learning Associate – MLA

Introduction:The Certified Machine Learning Associate Certification provided by IABAC has global recognition. It covers concepts like Basics of Machine Learning, Statistics, Machine Learning Algorithms, Statistical methods, Business Analytics etc. Python for Data Science Statistics for Data Science SQL for Data Science Machine Learning Target Audience: Who can pursue this certification? Professionals pursuing a career in […]

Data Analytics Certified Associate – DACA

Introduction: Data Analytics Certified Associate – DACA evaluates your knowledge and various skill sets regarding diagnostic processes, capture, data cleansing, analysis, documentation, exploitation and data sets for reports. We validate your skills to identify new opportunities, identify risks and points of improvement in data analytics projects for organizations. Target Audience: Data Analytics Certification is for systems […]

Big Data Professional Certificate – BDPC

Big Data is a global term that refers to extremely large, very fast, very diverse and complex that cannot be managed with traditional data management tools, includes all kinds of data and helps to provide the right information to the right person, in The right amount, at the right time, to help you make the […]