Introduction: Understand how channel management and retailing can improve performance in your business. Nowadays, a distribution strategy is part of the DNA of many companies and a correct channel management is key for the success of your product. Distribution plans need to be prepared for the long run, combining the following main areas: company profile, […]


Introduction: In a world as globalized as the current one, brands have ceased to have power, which has fallen into the hands of consumers. Transmitting values ​​and an impeccable brand image is essential to capture the attention of potential customers and build loyalty. The Brand Manager is the one in charge of achieving this objective. […]

Sales Management

Introduction: The Sales Management Course: Professional Sales Management is face-to-face and is taught in Barcelona. PRESENTATION OF THE SALES MANAGEMENT COURSE: PROFESSIONAL SALES MANAGEMENT Customer satisfaction, market analysis and differentiation from the competition. Learning Objectives: SALES MANAGEMENT COURSE OBJECTIVES: PROFESSIONAL SALES MANAGEMENT Prepare to help maintain lasting relationships with buyers. As Sales Management: Professional Sales […]

Key Account Manager

Introduction: WITH THE KEY ACCOUNT MANAGER COURSE YOU WILL BECOME A PROFESSIONAL IN THE DESIGN AND MANAGEMENT OF KEY ACCOUNTS.Attendees will be able to acquire the necessary skills to analyze the potential of their client portfolios, the management of their key accounts and the preparation of account plans and their control systems. The KAM must […]

Product Management

Introduction: With this Product Management course you will learn about product management using the same curriculum as Amazon and Google PMs. You’ll get all the information you need to impress in your first (or next) job as a Product Manager (PM). Learning Objectives: Program Objectives 1 Develop the most important knowledge, tools and skills for […]


Introduction: The purpose of the Strategic Marketing course is for the student to know what strategic marketing is; the different phases of the marketing planning process, with special emphasis on the so-called marketing mix and the importance of sustaining value over time. Learning Objectives: The objective of this course is to provide knowledge about strategic […]

Marketing Research

Introduction: Market Research or Marketing Research is something that we define as the origin of all commercial movement. Every time a client requests a campaign, they want to provide themselves with an identity in their Brand, to know who their ‘Target Audience’ is, and so on, they must know what their situation has been in […]

SEO & SEM y Analytics

Introduction: The ICEMD Online SEO, SEM and Analytics Specialized Course seeks to train specialists in positioning for organic (SEO) or paid (SEM) searches. A demanded profession with many opportunities, which companies assume more and more naturally. Learning Objectives: Knowledge of the areas of online marketing: SEO and SEM. Use of specific tools in the areas […]

Social Media Management

Introduction: Although Social Media is a recent discipline of Digital Marketing, its growth makes its presence in communication strategies increasingly important. That is why many companies demand specialized personnel in the integral management of RRSS. Do you want to be one of those professionals? Train with the Social Media Management Course and become the professional […]

Marketing B2B

Introduction: The Online Course in B2B Marketing is designed for professionals in the digital world. With this online program you will learn to Enunciate the strategic vision of the B2B Customer within the context of the business market and to know how to describe marketing mix plans in B2B, with its definition of objectives and […]