Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (LSSBB™) Professional Certificate

Introduction: The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt program enables participants to gain a deeper understanding of process improvement through Lean and Six Sigma improvement systems and their advanced application tools, as well as project management and leadership. Lean Six Sigma is the fusion of the two continuous improvement and process optimization systems: Lean and Six […]

Six Sigma Back Belt (SSBB™)

Introduction: The Certified Six Sigma Black Belt is a professional who can explain Six Sigma philosophies and principles, including supporting systems and tools. A Black Belt should demonstrate team leadership, understand team dynamics and assign team member roles and responsibilities. Learning Objectives: Explain the Lean and Six Sigma philosophy and principles including the related systems […]

Six Sigma Green Belt (SSGB™)

Introduction: The Six Sigma Green Belt operates in support of or under the supervision of a Six Sigma Black Belt, analyzes and solves quality problems and is involved in quality improvement projects. A Green Belt is someone with at least three years of work experience who wants to demonstrate his or her knowledge of Six […]

Six Sigma Yellow Belt (SSYB™)

Introduction: Lean Six Sigma (LSS) is a methodology used to improve business processes, based on the combination of two management ideologies, Lean and Six Sigma. Lean removes waste from the manufacturing process to maximise customer satisfaction, whilst Six Sigma improves quality and reduces the probability of defects and errors. Learning Objectives: You will know the […]