Management Leadership 4.0 Certified – MLC

The MLC program prioritizes efforts to align organizations with the culture and needs of the communities they serve. Participants are nominated by Best Friends regional and national leadership and approved by a selection team. The program facilitates the development of management leadership skills for the purpose of increasing lifesaving in animal shelters.

Customer Experience Certified – CXP

During the Course we will learn to use business intelligence in all customer relations, with an eminently practical approach, through the study of success and failure cases that other companies have had and entering into topics as current as big data, internet of things or the incorporation of social networks to CRM.Objectives:Learn the principles and […]

User Experience Certified – UXP

Introduction: User stories are a powerful means of fostering cooperation and teaching many things. These allow you to create a link between users or consumers and developers of products or services. And this relationship is the first big step towards the creation and pinnacle of products. admirable, that positively influence the people who use or […]

Lean Startup Certified Associate – LSCA

Lean Startup Certified Associate – LSCA method takes its name from the Lean manufacturing revolution that TaiichiOhno and Shigeo Shingo developed at Toyota. Lean thinking radically alters the way supply chains and production systems are organized. Among its principles are the design of workers’ knowledge and creativity, the reduction of batch dimensions, just-in-time production, and […]

Innovation Management Certified Expert – IMCE

Innovation Management Certified Expert – IMCE certification validates your knowledge of methods to develop Products, services and processes using strategies such as innovation, mapping customer journeys, concept creation, and prototyping. Main Subjects Innovation Management Definition Why Innovation Definition Generating Concepting Fast and often Making a change Who is this certification for?Innovation Management Certification is for: […]

Design Thinking Certified Expert – DTCE

Introduction: Our professional Design Thinking certification provides a detailed understanding ofKey concepts and definitions to improve your interaction with the user experience. CertiProf®covers five key phases to be a Design Thinker: empathize, define, devise, prototype and evaluate, thewhich help organizations to create useful proposals that are adapted to real needsof people; allowing to expand the […]